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Glendale, Arizona

We live for this you guys. 

99% of the people who use our services have never painted in their entire life...ever. We've heard it all -- about how you paint like a 4 year old or can't draw to save your life.  Guess what? We don't care.  Art doesn't care. We care about the experience you have with our company.  From online bookings, reserving your private party, texting us at 4am because you don't know if you need to bring your own supplies to paint.  (You know who you are) There are no stupid questions, no "wrong" paintings, and no professionals here.  Except the instructors...well, sort of.  We like to party and we love to help you be the rock star of your event. We provide stellar customer service, professionalism, patience and bring unbeatable personality to art parties. But what we really do best is feed your painting addiction. Over and over.                                                                                                    - Your Art Party, Inc.