what is a boutique paint party company?


“…if you’ve come this far, maybe you’re willing to come a little farther.” -Andy Dufrane, Shawshank Redemption
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Frequently Asked Questions


The fact that you’re on our website checking things out means you are a little excited, aren’t you? Getting a little more curious than ever about what this paint & wine thing is all about? Ready to take yourself on in an extremely comfortable, non-intimidating environment? We’re ready to get a little dirty with ya!


So here’s what it is: you and possibly a friend or two, are sitting at a table with a blank canvas in front of you and are equipped with an apron and paint supplies. Our paint guide takes you step-by-step through painting an awesome piece of art that you take home with you at the end of the night. This takes about 2-3 hours, and 2-3 glasses of wine. Just kidding! Sort of… We are so patient, kind and warm and cuddly that you forget you haven’t picked up a paintbrush in years, or if at all! Don’t let the warm fuzzies fool you…we know how to host a pretty epic paint party. You’ll be laughing, crying from laughing, happy, and most importantly feel accomplished and maybe a little tipsy. Oh, but I promise we’re good for kids too…keep reading ::ahem::


Yeah, we’re not that. We are what is called a BYOB paint studio. Because of the Arizona state laws on alcohol, we choose to have you bring your own wine/beer because our prices will be lower. No overhead on paying for a liquor license because we are an exempt location.


Are you afraid of being surprised? Ok ok ok. Here’s the breakdown. When you arrive at our studio you will put on an apron, choose your seat (you can sit with your friends) and sit in front of a blank 16×20 pre stretched canvas. Brushes and paints are provided for you (yes you will be “pumping” your own paint) and with the help of your party guide, you will paint art in easy-to-follow, step-by-step instruction. Music sets the soundtrack for your experience and when you’re finished you get to take your painting home that night!

will the paint stain if i get it on my clothes/purse/shoes?

Yes. There will be paint. A lot of paint. And yes, it stains if not treated right away. But we just tell people that no matter what, you’re going to get paint on you and no, we cannot guess where it’s gonna land. If paint gets on your skin or hair, it comes off easily with soap and water. Please do not wear super fancy, uber-stylish, hard-to-replace clothes or accessories to the studio. We are not responsible for damaged items from cray cray, mind-of-its-own paint.

i’m ready to register for a party…what’s next?

Fabulous! Whether you’re registering for an art party in our studio or your friends house, getting set up is easy! Click on our Calendar link above and use the scroll bars on the side of the window (or the fancy scroll button on your mouse) and find the date/name of the event. Not sure which event your signing up for? If it’s a public event, the date & time will be shown along with the painting that will be taught. If you prefer to schedule by date, look at the dates carefully and click Book Now. If you prefer to schedule by the painting being taught, find “the one” and click Book Now. If you’ve been invited to a private party, the date and name of the host will be shown for the event.

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Is your art party kid friendly?

Was DaVinci a vegetarian? YES! We love kids. Because they’re amazing clientele and artists who have no problem creating new and different things. Kids are fascinating little humans that go bold with color, paint outside the lines and don’t care if their clothes get paint on them (sorry mom!). And because we love them so much, we ask that you only bring them to the evening parties if they are ages 13+. Not just because women who have been drinking wine tend to get potty-mouthed by the end of the night, but because the paintings are outside of the skill set of our younger crowd. And, believe it or not, parents are out on a girls night, or date night and left their kids at home for a reason. To get a break! Chasing around a rugrat at an art party is only recommended for our Family Day paintings, which our calendar will have listed.

and a boutique paint party company is…

The Your Art Party studio brings a lot of elements together in a small space. We’re a boutique because we’re smaller than the average paint & wine studio. The maximum amount of guests we can host for an art party is 30 people in our studio and 35 on location. Small, right? Why wouldn’t we want to make a ton of money and cash in on this craze that shows no sign of stopping? Well, we’ve been to other places, here and around the country, and one thing is clear: customers don’t like to be cattle-called when they’re being asked to be uncomfortable. Painting is a huge deal for you, we know that. We create a very intimate, one-on-one atmosphere to not only appreciate the custom feel for your event, but to build a trusting relationship with your paint guide. We keep saying it’s about the experience, not the art, and while we absolutely stand by that, we’re not dumb. First timers: we won’t let you go home unhappy and disappointed that you won’t be hanging your painting. In order for us to build that trusting relationship we cannot have a room full of 80 people. Man, 20 is still a lot to keep focused, but we do it. And we do it well.

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what else ya’ got!

still have questions?

Still have questions? Click on the Contact page and fill out your information. We will get back to you within 24 business hours!

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