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All prices are for in-studio parties, see our pricing page for mobile pricing

how much is this going to cosT?

book your event on a mon-weds.....................$25 per person

book your event on a thur-sun.......................$30 per person

corporate lunches (1 hour event 8x10 canvas)....$20 per person

kids parties (1 hour open paint 8x10 canvas)..............$14 per child

                            (instruction on 16x20 canvas)​...............$22 per child

Check out our kids' party packages!​​​

deposit equals 2 seats and is refundable

If you book a Friday night, your deposit is $60.  If you book a Monday night, your deposit is $50.  Event needs to be cancelled? If you cancel at least 7 days prior to the event, your deposit is 100% refundable.  

The minimum is 10 people

If you book on a Friday night, the minimum amount required is $300 or 10 people, whichever comes first.  What does this mean exactly?  It means you could have just 8 guests, but the amount to host a private party is still $300.  Let's say you have 14 people, then the total cost will be $420.  

no need to collect money!

We will create a link to your event on our Calendar and you can pass that link out to all of your guests.  They go online and pay for their seat(s) and we update you on who has registered.  If a guest cancels within the 48 hour timeframe (which means they get a 100% refund) then that means you are responsible to either fill the seat or pay for them if you haven't yet reached your 10 person minimum.

what happens atyour art party,

                               stays at your art party.

PRIVATE Art Party! yay!

pick the painting...pick the people


pick the date...pick the time

YOU tell us what you want.  YOU pick the date, time & painting.  Only 35 people fit into our studio, max.  We've been asked to host larger events but we respectfully decline. Why? We want to build trust with our clients and be able to give anyone that wants it some one-on-one time with the paint guide and a more private venue.  We like helping people really make their event & artwork custom.  One person may really love the bright red background but another may want a different color that takes a little more time to plan.  We are able to do things like that because we are small. We are also able to make a custom painting just for your group.  At no extra charge.

That's not all.

With a private studio

 also comes privacy.

Want  us all to yourself? Well you can have us! In our studio or at your location! Party with your friends, family or co-workers. Minimum is only 10 participants, and prices start at only $25 per person!

This is Where We Shine!

so you have this group...