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7146 North 57th Drive Suite B

Glendale, Arizona

Mileage is $0.35 per mile both ways for all mobile parties

a mobile party costs $40 per person

Mobile kids parties start at $14 per child ~ corporate lunch $20 per person

So what event do you need a couple hours of entertainment?

All we require the host to pay for is the deposit, which can be applied toward 2 seats. We can set up a link so your guests can pay online and you don't need to collect money or come out of pocket.  Of course, unless you are hosting a kids party or corporate lunch, which are pretty inexpensive, so we require the full balance up front.

Tables     Chairs        Easels      Canvas

Paint       Brushes     Aprons     Rags

Cups       Palettes     Music       Instructor

If getting excited about painting wasn't enough, then how about I tell you we can host paint parties on location? We bring everything and I'm going to list our equipment and supply list so you know I'm serious:

yes. we come to you.

and it's super affordable